It's Time to Start Growing Forward!

This is where I tell you that we are the "Premier Design and Build Company" or  "Maine's Number One Choice" or whatever catch phrase I can come up with... Who decides these things anyway?


Here is what we are - Landscape Revolution is an Ecological Landscape Company. We are passionate about creating productive outdoor living spaces, we are passionate about building greener regenerative landscapes and we are passionate about educating anyone interested in how to achieve these goals.


If you are looking to take a new approach to landscaping, an organic chemical free approach that incorporates food and medicinal herbs, concentrates on pollinator friendly plantings, considers the whole ecological system, and is designed to help you leave your legacy behind, then you've come to the right place! 

The concept is simple- care for the soils, build biodiversity, and be thoughtful about how each component of the landscape is there because it supports part of the system in some way. Oh and lets not forget- Create a space you want to be in, a space that makes you want to wake up each morning looking forward to seeing how the landscape has evolved since yesterday. 

All that being said, I do have a few of catch phrases you  

Turn your lawn into food!

Help Save the Bees! (and all pollinators)

Reconnect with Nature!

We're Taking Back Eden!

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