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Architecture Illustration

Design & Consultation Process

Call Me, let's chat!

The first step is a phone call 207-838-4085. I find its best to have an opening conversation about what you are looking for and hoping to achieve as well as what I have to offer you that is in line with your purpose. From here we can each decide if I am the right fit for you and vice versa.

Fill Out the Questionnaire, this will help me help you

After our initial phone conversation I will send you a questionnaire designed to help you define your property, lifestyle, and objectives so I can better understand how to make your space really fulfill your goals.

Site Visit, Walk through, On Site Consultation

Once I have received your questionnaire and had a chance to look it over, we will have a 1.5 to 2 hour on-site consultation where we can discuss your goals, analyze the site, and begin the planning process.

Goals – We will go over your questionnaire if there are any points that I find I’d like clarity on.

Analyze the Site – Evaluate your microclimate including terrain/drainage, soils, and sun exposure. Soil samples will be taken to evaluate nutrient levels, pH, contaminates etc.

Planning Process – Discuss layouts, planting options, and procedure.

To the Drawing Board

From here it is straight to the drawing board! I will present you with the first draft of your design as well as perspective renderings. In many cases this will be in the form of a 3 dimensional computer aided design program. After looking over the design together you will help guide me through any changes or adjustments you wish to see.

Next will come your final design, renderings, scope description, and contract for installation should you want us to install.

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