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Have you ever considered what your Eden may look like? I have. I picture lush greenery, blooming flowers, food growing everywhere I look. Friends and family talking, laughing, enjoying a thoughtful outdoor living space. The landscape just looks right. Nothing is forced and every piece is there supporting some part of the system.

This is what Landscape Revolution does. We help you design your Eden. Learning from nature and mimicking her patterns, we create inspiring outdoor living spaces surrounded by regenerative plantings filled with perrenial edible vegetables, fruits, nuts, and organic vegetables gardens that create habitat and food sources for our managed and local pollinators. 

When we are not designing, installing, or maintaining a space, we are either working with our bees or giving back to our communities through what we call Legacy Projects. We have some of our own, we volunteer time in others, and we help spread the word about folks all over the planet that we feel are helping in creating a better future for our world.

Are you ready to become part of the Landscape Revolution?

Landscape Revolution will use a potion of profits from landscape design and installation projects to create, support, and grow public garden and food forest projects. As we grow, so will the things we are able to support. Stay tuned for more details! For now check out some of the "Legacy Projects" we are supporting.

If you like what we are doing and would like to help, 100% of your donation will go toward helping one of our Legacy Projects!


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Joshua Haiss

Founder & Designer

Joshua is currently on the Gorham Business Exchange Board,

The Vice President of The Resilience Hub Board, and also A Member of the Gorham Conservation Commission Board.

Hi! I’m Joshua Haiss Designer, Writer, and Participant. I’m a father, a beekeeper, and a permaculture designer. I have visions of a world where food can do what it does best, GROW.  I design outdoor living spaces with edible plants and medicinal herbs incorporated into the landscape rather than separate from.  This is my Landscape Revolution and these are my Legacy Projects.


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Tel: 207.838.4085

Gorham, Maine 

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